The Biggest Announcements from Google I/O 2018


Google I/O, the tech giants annual developer conference, got underway on Tuesday (it ends later today), providing us with an in-depth look at some of the new technology Google is working on.

From a new and improved Google Photos to a futuristic new Google Assistant feature known as Duplex, this year’s Google I/O conference really is a shape of things to come.

Here are some of the biggest announcements so far from Google I/O

Google Photos 

Google Photos is getting a ton of new features including Suggested Actions, which can spot your friends in pictures and share these images with them at the tap of a button, a brand new colourisation mode that allows you remove or add colour to images, plus the ability to instantly transform pictures of documents into PDFs.

Google Assistant

Google’s AI assistant is also set for an upgrade and will soon feature the smooth tones of John Legend as its voice. The aforementioned Duplex feature is pretty cool: you’ll be able to ask Google Assistant to call businesses and schedule appointments on your behalf! Another new feature, Continued Conversations, greatly improves Google Assistant’s intelligence and makes it easier to find the answers to your questions.

Android P

Android P is Google’s latest operating system for Android smartphones and it comes with a new ‘digital wellbeing’ feature that’s designed to reduce the amount of time we spend staring at our phones. Google thinks we should be spending more time with our loved ones and the new Android P OS will encourage this by giving us control over various features and functions including the screentime of a number of apps such as YouTube.

Google Lens

Google also revealed a bit about its upcoming camera software, Google Lens, which enables you to copy text from a book simply by pointing your phone’s camera at it and highlighting it with your finger!

Google I/O 2018 finishes later today, so check back with us tomorrow for some big announcements from Google’s annual developer conference.

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