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The current crop of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), aka drones, are pretty advanced machines in comparison to earlier models.

Different drones are ideal for different uses and understandably can greatly differ in price.

In today’s blog we’re going to look at the different drone price brackets and what kind of drone features you should expect from each bracket.

Budget Drone: Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone  

Budget drones range in price from around €100 up to €400 or so. As entry level drones, UAVs like the Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone are easy to control and are ideal for drone beginners. Budget drones tend to have the lowest camera resolution (720p for the Kaiser Baas), so you should avoid such a drone if you’re primarily interested in taking pictures or recording videos with you UAV. The Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone is fitted with a nimble 6 axis gyroscope for aerial acrobatics, has a 60m range and is highly recommended for drone newbies.

Mid-Level Drone: GoPro Hero6 Karma Drone

Mid-level drones like the GoPro Hero6 Karma Drone are far more advanced than budget drones like the above, something which is reflected in the higher price. The GoPro Hero6 Karma Drone for instance features a flight distance of up to 3km and a maximum altitude of 3,200m, while the drone’s Hero6 Black 12MP camera can record 4K60 video and is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. Mid-level drones like the GoPro Hero6 Karma Drone are suitable for experienced fliers.

High-End Drone: DJI Inspire 2   

Another price hike as we reach the upper levels of drone technology, but high-end drones like the DJI Inspire 2 offer the very best in flight range and control in addition to camera quality. The DJI Inspire 2 itself offers a 7km control range and a max speed of 94km/h, while its powerful camera can record with 5.2K/4K resolution. High-end drones like the DJI Inspire 2 are popular among professional cameramen and photographers and serious drone hobbyists.

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