Apple Watch Will Have Advanced Power Saving Features


The wearable market is about to get very interesting indeed as Apple prepares to launch its first ever Watch.

It’s going to be truly beauteous thing, with a gorgeous screen and a sense of style which has been missing in many of the smartwatches released to date. It also features a digital crown – a physical input method which will help to make selecting items on the 1.5 inch screen. And you can send someone your heartbeat for some reason.

Apple will reveal more on the device at a special event scheduled for the 9th of March but before all that we’re getting more rumours about the wearable, in particular its battery life. While Apple has been pretty open about the fact that you’ll have to charge the Watch at the end of every day, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to use its most advanced features for hours at a time.

It has been revealed that the Apple Watch will feature a Power Reserve mode which you can activate should you be in danger of running out of battery. That’s great news for users but it also seems that in this mode you’ll only be able to see the time. So no app access, no fitness features – just a very fancy watchface.

This does mean that if you’re interested in using the Watch as an actual… watch you might get more than a day of battery out of it but bodes less well for those who plan on checking it every minute of the day.

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in April 2015, stay tuned for more details after March 9th.

In Short: The Apple Watch is set to be one of the biggest wearables of all time and its going to be able to keep going for longer thanks to battery saving

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