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New products are released all year round, with flashing advertising campaigns drawing our attention to the newest and shiniest tech. In all that fuss, it can be hard to keep up with the products which are genuinely bringing something new or impressive to market. So we’ve put together a list of the upcoming gadgets that we just can’t wait to try!

Fitbit SurgeFitness tracking options these days are legion – which is why Fitbit wants to deliver up the ultimate option to win the field once and for all.

The Fitbit Surge is quite simply the most comprehensive fitness-focussed watch around. It isn’t just a smartwatch, it’s a super watch thanks to a plethora of sensors and features which really make a difference to you everyday.

So you’ll find an always on heart-rate monitor, full GPS tracking, altimeter, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, the ability to track different kinds of sport, and smartphone notifications on the screen. That’s all in a body which is fully water resistant and pays attention to your sleep cycles. It’s the perfect fitness partner.

Available at Harvey Norman stores in March 2015. Price TBC.

Sol Republic PunkWireless is the way of the future, especially when it comes to audio. And that’s where the Sol Republic Punk comes in.

It’s a really portable wireless speaker which is designed to have great battery life (8 hours) and an original look, while also being small enough to carry around with ease. It’ll go anywhere and – even more impressively – its fully water, dust and shock resistant.

But that’s not the best thing about the Punk – it’s also seriously loud. It may look like a small speaker but it can really pump out tunes, making itself heard even when you’re outside. It pairs in second via Bluetooth but can also be hooked up to any source with a 3.5mm jack and comes in 7 punk-tastic colours.

The Sol Republic Punk Wireless Speaker will be available from Harvey Norman stores in April 2015. Price TBC.

Withings ActivitéIf you’re looking for a top piece of tech that’s also gorgeous to look at, you’ll want to check out the Withings Activité.

Withings has taken the concept of the fitness tracker and married it with French design, Swiss engineering and a elegant analogue look for a watch that’s truly unique. It features two analogue dials – one shows the time like in a normal watch with the second tracking your activity goal for the day.

So whether its running a marathon or walking an extra 5000 steps, the Activité will let you see how you’re doing at a glance, giving you more time to focus on the task at hand. Behind the scenes, a powerful app syncs your progress and gives you updates on everything from calories burned to your sleeping patterns. And did we mention it looks great!?

The Withings Activité comes to Harvey Norman in March 2015. Pricing TBC.

Sony Android TVWe’ve already got smart TV’s – are you ready for even Smarter TV’s?

Sony has partnered with Google to bring an all new operating system to its top level smart TV range. Android TV gives you access to the kind of functionality you’ve become used to in your phone or tablet, but in an easily accessible form on your large screen television set.

The system also includes an advanced remote control with a mouse like trackpad for easy navigation and also a microphone – perfect for when you just can’t remember that actresses name! Together, Sony and Android TV are dedicated to making the interface as slick and accessible as possible, and you’ll even be able to use apps from the Google Play store.

Sony Android TVs will be available from Harvey Norman stores in April 2015. Pricing TBC.

In Short: New technology emerges all the time so we’re taking a look at some top products that we’re really excited about in the coming months

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