Highlights from EuroCucina 2018


EuroCucina 2018, Europe’s leading kitchen trade showcase, ran from April 17th – 22nd this year, giving attendees a chance to get up close and personal with the biggest kitchen trends and new appliances set to make their mark over the coming year.

Harvey Norman’s home appliance specialists were invited to this year’s event and thankfully got a good look at the impressive new kitchen appliances that made up the bulk of EuroCucina 2018.

Here are the highlights.

Smeg Steals the Show

Italian home appliance manufacturer Smeg was arguably the star of EuroCucina 2018 and showcased a variety of beautiful kitchen appliances over the course of the event, including the bright and cheerful Portofino cookers.

Inspired by the colours of the world famous Ligurian ports, the Portofino cooker is fitted with an extra-large 126 litre oven capacity and an exclusive triple fan system that vastly improves cooking performance.

Smeg recently revealed that support for the Portofino line of cookers will soon be added to the SmegConnect App, allowing owners to control and monitor meals as they cook remotely though their smartphone.


Samsung’s Super Smart Built-in Appliances

South Korean tech giant Samsung debuted a range of premium built-in appliances complete with Internet of Things technology (aka smart appliances) at EuroCucina 2018, including the adaptive Dual Cook Flex Oven, Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator and Virtual Flame Cooktop.

These appliances are designed to greatly simplify cooking e.g. the Dual Cook Flex Oven allows users to simultaneously cook two different meals at different temperature and time settings, and users can remotely control the oven through use of the Samsung SmartThings app.


Hoover’s KEEPHEAT Oven Keeps it Tasty

Another standout kitchen appliance from this year’s EuroCucina is the Hoover KEEPHEAT Oven, which features the unique Exever technology and is able to bake and hot storage food so you can prepare delicious meals ahead of serving time without having to worry about loss of taste or drop in texture quality.

Hoover’s connectable Custom Wizard App comes with a fantastic recipe book full of mouth-watering dishes and meal ideas plus remote control modes for managing and monitoring the oven while out and about.

Electrolux’s Blast Chiller Compartment Keeps it Cool

Our home appliance specialists were also pretty impressed with Electrolux’s new Blast Chiller compartment, a compact blast chiller capable of chilling or freezing fresh or partly cooked food far quicker than a standard home freezer.

The Blast Chiller is able to preserve the taste, texture and look of food at a much higher quality than standard home freezers and is ideal for a variety of purposes from chilling wine to cooling down cupcakes in an instant.


This year’s EuroCucina event was another standout kitchen showcase and we can’t wait to get our hands on the above products.

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