Introducing the iPad 2018


The iPad 2018 is the latest edition of Apple’s critically acclaimed line of tablets and one of the most impressive devices we’ve ever gotten our hands on.

Durable, lightweight and fitted with a gorgeous 9.7-inch Retina display, the iPad 2018 is the ideal table to use for a wide variety of purposes including entertainment, internet browsing plus creative projects and learning.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the iPad 2018 is its compatibility with the Apple Pencil (sold separately)  , a highly sensitive stylus that allows you to draw and write on your tablet as if it were a sheet of paper.

This truly is a remarkable addition and one that opens the iPad 2018 up to a whole new world of possibilities: whether you want to produce a detailed painting or just write a simple sentence, the Apple Pencil enables you to do it all.

The iPad 2018 is also equipped with a powerful all-day battery so you can use the tablet for as long as you need in between charges and comes with a variety of useful built-in apps including Clips, GarageBand, Numbers and Keynote.

There’s also a large selection of educational apps available to download on the App Store such as augmented reality apps plus learning apps designed for young children.

If you like to use your tablet to take pictures and record videos then you’ll be happy to know that the iPad 2018 is fitted with an impressive 8MP camera complete with 1080p HD video recording, resulting in crystal clear images and true-to-life video recordings.

It’s also fitted with a 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera perfect for taking selfies and making video calls, and features the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for added security.

Apple’s line of iPad tablets remain popular with public due to their innovative features and we’re happy to say the iPad 2018 is definitely the most inventive iPad yet.

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