2018 Camera Innovations: Harvey Norman’s Latest Camera Guide!


Photography is one of the most rewarding pastimes and easily among the most enjoyable professions in the world but there’s quite a lot of info to digest in regards to the different types of camera you can purchase, the various styles of shots you can take and the range of accessories you can use to improve your images.

To help you sort through the noise and find the right camera for you, we’ve just released our brand new camera guide, 2018 Camera Innovations!

It’s jam-packed with lots of useful information about cameras and the technology behind the many different types of cameras available to buy including Compact Cameras, Travel Cameras, Bridge Cameras, Interchangeable Lens Cameras and more.

You’ll also find information about the most important camera elements, namely the Image Sensor and Zoom capabilities, plus detailed descriptions of the multitude of cameras we have in stock.

From Canon to Panasonic, Sony to Nikon, we have the latest and greatest cameras from the world’s biggest camera manufacturers so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect make and model for your photography needs.

Amateur and professional photographers alike can always do with a helping hand when it comes to staying on top of the latest camera releases and trends, which is why 2018 Camera Innovations is our biggest camera guide yet!

The guide also contains information about PhotoCentre, Harvey Norman’s very own photograph printing service and the selection of high-quality products you can decorate with your very own photographs.

These include prints, canvases, mugs, calendars, teddies and more, all of which can be ordered through our website or the Harvey Norman PhotoCentre app!

In addition to the very best cameras on the market, you’ll also find plenty of popular camera accessories in the guide including Camera Bags and Memory Cards, plus newer types of cameras such as Action Cameras and Drones.

The 2018 Camera Innovations guide from Harvey Norman is a comprehensive guide the very best cameras in the world today.

For the best in Cameras, shop in-store or online.

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