Square Photos: The Fun New Format from Fujifilm!


Good news for Instagram fans: a square photo printing service is available now at all of our Harvey Norman Photo Centre kiosks across the country!

Square photos are enjoying something of a resurgence lately thanks to the popularity of Instagram and other photo sharing services, which tend to use the square format due to its retro look and fantastic framing.

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Our brand new square photo printing service comes courtesy of the photography experts over at Fujifilm, who will be dropping into all of our Photo Centre kiosks this week to add this beautiful format to our current list of services.

The square photo format is beloved by amateur and professional photographers across the world for a number of reasons such as how it can improve the composition of certain images by focusing on particular points, or the way it improves the balance of a shot, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing image than you’d usually get with the rectangle photo format.

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The square format photo first made its debut back in the 1930s but by the 1980s it had fallen out of favour and was replaced by the aforementioned rectangle photo format as the photo format of choice.

Thankfully, Instagram and other photo sharing services have catapulted this captivating format back into the mainstream to the delight of photography fans everywhere.

We’re big fans of the square photo format here at Harvey Norman and we can’t wait to try out the new square photo format from Fujifilm.

Square SUMMER MPUs 300x250px

Drop in to the Photo Centre at your local Harvey Norman store to try out this fab new photo format.

For the very best in Photographs, visit the Photo Centre.

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