Sony TVs Are About To Get Even Smarter With a Little Android Help


You may have already heard of Smart TV’s but did you know your television set could also be an Android?

At CES, Sony announced that all of their new smart TV’s will be running on Google’s Android platform. It’s a new version of the operating system created specifically for your TV set and will help to revolutionise your home viewing.

For one, you’re going to get a very cool new remote control. The Android TV remote includes a mouse-like trackpad for easy access to more advanced features and even an in-built microphone so you can give voice controls and even do internet searches without having to take out your phone.

If you’ve ever been confused by a Smart TV interface or thought that whole experience was a little sluggish, Android TV is here to help. It’s slick and streamlined and created by a team with years of experience in the user interface space.

And being on Android has even more benefits – including being able to easy share your screen from an Android phone or tablet and having access to some of the millions of apps from the Google Play Store.

In addition, Sony’s new range is super thin down to as little as 4.9 mm and comes in sizes all the way up to 75 inches.

Look for the new Sony range with Android TV at Harvey Norman in April and stay tuned for more information.

In Short: The all new range of Sony Smart TVs are set to be powered by Google’s latest operating system – Android TV – the ultimate home entertainment platform

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