Google’s New Robot Dog is a Mixture of Cute and Terrifying


It’s 2015, the future is here. We have robot dogs…

The latest creation from Google-owned Boston Dynamics is called Spot, and it’s the robot dog that won’t stay down. Using the latest emerging tech in locomotion and stabilisation, Spot can not only navigate all kinds of terrain and even move around indoors but also keeps on going, even if it’s given a bit of a kick.

The gait of the bot makes it look kind of like an over-eager dog with a bit of an inner ear problem, but if we saw this loping out of the mist on a dark night it would seem a lot more terrifying!

Boston Dynamics produces tech mostly for the US military, and these creations could be used for carrying heavy materials in warzones within the next few years.

In Short: Google owned Boston Dynamics have unleashed their latest robot, and it’s a dog-like thing called Spot which can navigate indoors.

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