New Canon DSLRs on the Way With Better Sensors and Pro Level Features


Camera fans, rejoice! Two new models on the way from Canon are about to take entry level photography to a whole new level.

Say hello to the Canon 750D and Canon 760D. Together, they represent the biggest leap forward in Canon’s consumer level models in years, bringing in higher specs in every important area and even pro features to up your camera game.

Both cameras are introducing a whole new imaging sensor in the form of at 24.2 megapixel unit. That’s a big leap up from the 18MP chip which has been at the centre of Canon machines for years and technological advances also mean it’s faster and better in low light than its predecessors.

These cameras also come with a 19 point autofocus system as standard, which is great for ensuring focus in varied shooting conditions. The chip gives better metering and thus better snaps, especially when it comes to detecting and replicating skin tones.

There’s a bright and clear 3 inch rotating touchscreen for easily controlling every aspect of your camera and another long overdue feature in the form of Wi-Fi syncing with NFC support. You can just tap your phone to the camera to instantly pair it and get sharing your photos online in seconds.

In addition to all these great features, the slightly pricier 760D also gets some features which have previously only been available on pro-level Canon cameras. The most obvious is a glorious LCD mounted on the top of the camera. This lets you see your settings at a glance and also helps save battery by depending less on the rear screen.

The 760D also has an extra control dial on the back, which makes it easier to access features quickly without resorting to the touchscreen as well as continuous focus in live view bust shooting and a neat sensor which shuts off the back screen when you’re using the viewfinder.

The Canon 760D and 750D promise to be the best consumer level cameras the company has ever released, and they’ll be arriving at retail in April 2015.

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In Short: The Canon 750D and 760D have been announced, and they’ve got a whole range of new features to up your photo game

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