Celebrate World Book Day with These Great Books Apps!

World Book Day, Ireland’s premier annual event dedicated to all things books, takes place tomorrow, Thursday 1st of March.

Running for the past 22 years, World Book Day’s main aim is to encourage children to discover the enjoyment that comes from reading books and it does this by providing children across the country with a book of their own to read.

We’re big fans of World Book Day here at Harvey Norman and understand how important it is to get kids reading from an early age and while we may not always have a book on hand for some light reading, the vast majority of us do carry an e-reader around with us at all time, albeit one in the form of a smartphone or tablet!

There’s some truly great books and audiobooks apps out there and in light of tomorrow’s big event, we’ve rounded up two of the most popular for your reading pleasure.


The original (and some would argue best) books app is Amazon’s Kindle, and it’s not hard to see why this app has remained so popular over the years. You have access to millions of titles from Amazon’s massive library, plus magazines, newspapers, textbooks and graphic novels. Kindle comes with some pretty nifty features including the ability highlight page sections and share them with friends, change font and text size for better readability and instant translations. It’s available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.


Audible is the number one app for audiobooks and features the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, audio shows and original series. It’s ideal for those of us who’d love to read more but just don’t have the time. You can download audiobooks to listen to when you’re offline, customise narration speed and even set sleep timers for when you’re listening at night. Audible is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

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