Half a Billion Wearables Could Be in Use by 2019


Wearables are definitely here to stay but just how popular will the devices be in the near future? According to new research, very popular indeed.

Tech analytics Cisco are predicting that there will be half a billion wearable devices in use around the world within the next four years. These figures will include all kinds of devices, from smartwatches to fitness tracking bands, headgear and more.

In the UK alone, its estimated 16.4 million wearables will be in active use, and they’ll all be using data – which is Cisco’s primary concern. These millions of devices could all be pumping out up to 569 megabytes of data every month, some via their own connections but most using a smartphone as a data proxy.

It’s all a function of increased numbers of the devices in operation but also more user awareness and the increasing speed of data networks. 4G networks are likely to carry close to 90 percent of total mobile traffic by 2019 and these wearable sorts will also be joined by up to a billion extra mobile users, thanks to emerging markets and population growth and the massive lure of the smartphone.

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In Short: Wearables are on the rise, and they are likely to become a massive part of our lives, and our data connections, in the next few years

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