What can you do with all those photos?


Christmas and the New Year may be behind us, but if you’re like us, then you were snapping photos while spending time with friends and family. But what do you do with them all? It would be a shame to leave them sitting on a SD card or on your computer’s hard drive. Happy photos can improve your mood too, so all the more reason to put these snaps to good use.

Make a slideshow

It is easy to put together a slideshow, complete with a soundtrack if you so desire, to compile all your precious memories into one enjoyable file. Websites like Animoto or Slidely will help you get started, but you can even use something like PowerPoint if you want to keep things even easier. These slideshows can then be sent onto friends and family to spread the joy.

Upload to Facebook

Facebook is where photos go to live on for eternity it seems. It’s easy to upload, photos are grouped together, and they can be revisited at any time for a trip down memory lane. There are a couple of things to bear in mind before uploading though. Make sure that those in the photo with you are happy with how they appear, don’t tag anyone who doesn’t want to be tagged, and make use of the privacy controls to limit those who can view them to your friends or a select subsection.

Put them on an object

There are certain things that we use each and every day like mugs, calendars, or mouse pads. These can easily be personalised with your favourite photos. The added benefit is that there won’t be any confusion over which mug is yours! Harvey Norman offers a wide range ofpersonalised products. Our expert staff will help you with any queries and whip up your chosen item with your desired photo on it.

Compile a photobook

We all have photobooks on a bookshelf somewhere or in the attic of us as kids on holidays. The days of putting together those photobooks doesn’t have to be over despite the advent of digital technology. Flipping through photos is an enjoyable experience and there’s still something to be said for the physical act of turning pages or holding photos. You will, of course, have to print out your photos, but this many pharmacists and retails stores offer this service, while you could also pick up a photo printer.

Make a scrapbook

If the general idea of a photobook appeals to you, but you’d like to be a little more creative, you could scrapbook. This makes every photo mean a little bit more, as space is finite so you have to be more selective. You can theme photos, stylise pages, and detail the pictures as you see fit. It’s a very personal process that can also make for the perfect gift.

Delete them

Not every photo is a winner, especially now that we can take hundreds of photos effortlessly. We don’t have to worry about print costs or running out of film, so we snap away to our heart’s content. Not only can this save storage space, and ensure that your favourites are easy to find, but it can sharpen your skills. You will learn what makes a good photo and have a reference point for what elements are a part of your favourite photos.

In Short: If you’re a snap-happy photographer, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all those photos you’ve taken. Here are some ideas.

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