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TV technology continues to evolve at an alarming rate. While many people remember the days of having just a handful of channels, it’s hard to find a household these days that doesn’t have access to hundreds of channels, shows on demand and HD streaming.

Carl from Harvey Norman outlines how things have changed in recent years in a new “We’ll Show You How” video, which you can watch below. While 32-inch screens were once the most popular option, people are now purchasing TVs up to 42-inch in screen size more frequently. Interestingly, the overall size of TVs hasn’t changed that much; that is because manufacturers are shaving off precious inches from the bezel. So, the TV is approximately the same size, but the screen is that bit bigger.

Not only are TVs getting bigger, but they are also getting significantly better. The screens are capable of producing Ultra HD or even 4K quality images. And broadcasters are catching on to this new technology too. BBC trialed broadcasting this year’s World Cup in 4K, for example.

The future is also quite exciting. Carl maintains that we will see bendable screens in the near future, which will allow owners to change viewing angles at the touch of a button. Drop into any Harvey Norman store to find out about the latest in TV technology and browse the extensive range of TVs.

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In Short: With TV technology continuing to improve, Carl from Harvey Norman takes a look at how technology and consumer tastes have changed in recent years.

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