Induction Hobs – Fast Powerful and Economical

It’s all done with magnets!

The technology in your kitchen is always changing and some of these new developments can have amazing benefits for your everyday life.

Take induction hobs for example. This technology uses a large copper coil inside the hob to create a magnetic field. When a pot made of iron or steel is placed above it, the field creates heat directly in the metal, which has a number of impressive benefits.

Most obviously, the surface of the hob doesn’t generate any heat at all – making it safe to touch at any time and ensuring safety for old and young hands alike. And induction hobs are also incredibly fast, bringing water to boil in under a minute – that’s twice as fast as leading competitor gas.

With induction technology you can even heat parts of the hob individually,for maximum control of your cooking surface.

What’s more, this technology is incredible efficient. Only the surface of the pan is heated and this happens directly which means less loss of heat to the room, making it 60 percent more efficient than gas. You’ll see real savings in your energy bills, without having to compromise on the quality of your cooking.

If you’re looking for fast, safe and economical heating, be sure to check out induction hob technology.

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In Short: Induction Hubs use advanced technology to bring heat directly to your pan, meaning less chance of a burn, more efficiency and real cooking power!

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