Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Launching Next Year


After years of speculation, rumours and leaks, it seems that South Korean technology giant Samsung is finally getting ready to release its fabled foldable smartphone, the “Samsung Galaxy X”, early next year.

Samsung first started work on a foldable smartphone back in 2011 but it’s taken quite some time for the company to develop the technology required to make such a smartphone a reality, namely foldable OLED displays.

Organic light emitting diode displays are a relatively new property in the smartphone world but we’ve already seen other manufacturers incorporate them into their latest devices such as the iPhone X from Apple.

However, Samsung would be the first manufacturer to utilise an OLED display in such a novel way and if done correctly the foldable Samsung Galaxy X could finally be the ‘iPhone killer’ we’ve all been waiting for.

The most recent leaks (as spotted by The Verge) about the Samsung Galaxy X suggest the device will be aimed at niche markets such as mobile gamers, and will cost around $1500 (around €1286).

Previous rumours suggested the device measures 4.5-inches when folded, features a wallet-style design and folds out into a 7-inch tablet, which is quite impressive.

If true this could be quite an exciting design and one that provides both compact convenience and a spacious screen for entertainment in a single smartphone.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy X is said to feature 4K screen resolution, a dual-camera on the rear, at least 6GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot for extra memory storage.

While the company is yet to give any indication as to when we can expect to the Galaxy X to make its official debut, it is probable that this will occur early next year, perhaps in March or April.

Until then we’ll just have to hold tight that little bit longer for what could be a revolutionary new smartphone.

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