The Best of CES 2018 So Far


The annual Consumer Electronics Show is currently underway at the Las Vegas Convention Center, giving us a glimpse at some of the incredible tech products set for release in the coming year.

CES 2018 started yesterday and officially ends tomorrow evening, but we’ve already seen some pretty impressive product launches including a wall-sized TV, a VR exercise game and a robotic dog.

Samsung ‘The Wall’ Modular TV

Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ modular TV is a pretty nifty modular TV system that mergers together a number of borderless TVs to form one giant screen measuring up to 146-inches! It comes with 8K resolution and can cover an entire wall, effectively transforming your living room into a home cinema. This is some seriously high-tech stuff and one of the most exciting TVs of recent years so here’s hoping we get to see it in person sooner rather than later.

Black Box VR

If you’d love to get in shape in 2018 but aren’t a fan of the gym then you may be interested in Black Box VR, a virtual reality video game/workout routine that uses specially designed exercise equipment to buff you up while you fight off in-game enemies. It’s a pretty smart concept and one that could prove to be quite popular among gamers and sporty types alike.


Sony’s decision to restart production of its line of robotic pets came as something of a surprise but after seeing AIBO in action we’re very happy they did. AIBO is a robotic pup capable of understanding and completing directions such as ‘sit’ and ‘shake hands’, and it reacts accordingly when you pet or cuddle it. We don’t expect robotic dogs to start replacing the real thing just quite yet but it’s great to see how far Sony’s robotics technology has come in the year’s since AIBO’s original launch all the way back in 1999.


Remember to check back with us early next week as we’ll be posting a second blog covering the best of the rest from CES 2018.

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