Could the iPad Pro Be the First Apple Device With a Stylus?


Apple has been having a busy time of late, introducing a number of new devices like the larger screened iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus and gearing up for the release of the Apple Watch in early 2015. But it seems they’re not done yet.

Many different reports are pointing to the release of a new model of the iPad this year, the iPad Pro. With a 12.9 inch screen, it’s likely to be more aimed at business user, with powerful processing and all kinds of fancy accessories.

One such accessory could well be a stylus, marking the first time an Apple product has been supported by an official intelligent pen. A stylus would fit into a productivity device, allowing for more advanced interactions with the larger-screen tablet and making them even more useful for artists and designers.

The first generation of the stylus could charge through a lightning connector and include basic functionality. Apple would likely want to test the market before adding more sensors and complexity to the device, before marketing it as the next must-have accessory.

The iPad Pro has yet to be confirmed but expect news on it after the launch of the Apple Watch in March 2015.

In Short: The Apple iPad Pro is said to be gearing up for a release later in 2015 and it could also sport a stylus for the first time in Apple history

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