Harvey Norman’s Favourite Christmas Ads


Christmas adverts are definitely one of the best things about this time of year, providing us with 30 second spectacles full of Christmas cheer and spirit.

We’ve rounded up some of our most favourite Christmas adverts of all time for today’s blog, so grab a cup of tea and prepare for a trip down a very snowy memory lane.

Coca Cola: Holidays are Coming

Easily one of the most famous Christmas ads of all time, Coca Cola’s seminal ‘Holidays are Coming’ Xmas ad is chock-a-block full of Christmas cheer and everything we love about this special season. From the incredibly catchy Christmas jingle to the scenes of Coca Cola trucks travelling through a winter wonderland, ‘Holidays are Coming’ remains one of the best Xmas ads to ever grace our screens.


An Post: Walking in the Air

The original animated television special ‘The Snowman’ is just about as Christmassy as it gets and one of the greatest Christmas TV events of all time. The people at An Post must’ve been fans too as they wisely featured ‘The Snowman’ it their 2005 Christmas ad to the delight of children and adults across the country.


Toys R Us: Magical Place    

A magical Christmas ad for a truly magical place, this Toys R Us ad from 1989 features the famous Toys R Us jingle and is one of the most fondly remember Xmas ads in the country. It’s proved so popular over the years that Toys R Us decided to reuse it during the company’s 2009 Christmas campaign.


Aldi: Kevin the Carrot

Kevin the carrot may have only made his debut last year, but the happy-go-lucky has already cemented a spot in the most beloved Christmas ads of all time. Kevin returned to our screens this year and will hopefully continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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