Go Pro Action Cameras Get a Software Update with New Slo Mo Modes and More!


GoPro cameras are popular for a whole bunch of reasons – including being easy to use, tough as nails and capable of capturing stunning images but they're also great because the company puts serious effort into keeping them up to date.

GoPro has just announced their latest firmware update to the new Hero 4 range, and it brings useful new features and a great speed boost for black users.

First to the new features which will come to both Hero 4 Black and Silver cameras. You'll get a new Time Lapse Video mode – which automatically saves time lapse photos as a video for instant sharing. There's also a new burst mode which takes 30 frames over 6 seconds, to catch action which takes a little longer to unfold and auto rotate – which figures out when your camera is upside down, that's a great feature.

The Hero4 Black gets some really incredible additions including a new 240 frames per second slow motion mode at 720p. The 2.7k video resolution also gains a speed increase to 60 fps, perfect for high def slowmo and a sign of the power hidden away in that tiny machine.

The Hero4 Silver meanwhile makes do with the ability to create a HiLight tag when you tap the touch screen, so its easier to find cool moments in your video during playback.

This firmware update will roll out free to all users in Feburary, so keep an eye on your GoPro app for more information.

In Short: The GoPro action camera is about to get even better, with updates to the Hero4 Black and Silver cameras which makes them even faster

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