Here’s how the Apple Watch companion app works


The Apple Watch is arguably one of the most anticipated tech releases of 2015. This week, we discovered that the Watch will have a companion app for your phone. This will be used to interact with the Apple Watch and set defaults for a variety of features.

Customisation is a big part of the Apple Watch. Using the companion app will enable Watch owners to manage and organise applications that appears on the Home screen. App icons can be rearranged, simply by dragging and dropping them where desired.

Users can also customise the newly discovered clock face feature called Monogram. This is a background detail that you can enable or disable. Users can include a virtual, embedded stamp of 1-4 letters directly on the clock face, which makes each Apple Watch unique.

This customisation runs deep and through many Apple Watch functions, all of which are controlled via the companion app. Something which most Watch owners are likely to enable is the subtle red dot that appears on the Watch’s clock face when a notification is received on your phone.

Now that Apple has made its Maps more accurate, Watch owners may be interested in receiving directions on the go. Users can enable or disable Taptic Engine tapping so that they can follow turn-by-turn directions.

The companion app also revealed some previously unknown features of the Apple Watch. While the wearable lacks a keyboard, wearers can still respond to messages by voice dictation, voice messages, or using default responses.

Like recent Apple products, security is paramount. The iOS Apple Watch companion app will enable users to set passcodes for the wearable. It can be triggered to wipe itself if 10 incorrect passwords are entered in a row.

Health and Fitness is also a key focus of the Apple Watch. There are features like “stand reminders,” which trigger when you’ve been sitting too long, along with the usual activity progress and heart rate tracking features.

Finally, the Companion app apparently will show how much storage is available on your Apple Watch. Users will also be able to see the number of songs, photos and apps stored on it.

We’re sure that Apple will continue to evolve the companion app ahead of the Watch’s release. We’re looking forward to seeing what other features have been kept hidden up to now.

In Short: It was recently discovered that the Apple Watch will have a companion app, so that users can use it with their iPhone. Here’s what it can do for you.

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