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It’s a new year which means a rafload of new video game releases are on the way. Maybe you got a shiny new consoles for Christmas and you want to know how best to show it off? Well check out this list of upcoming titles to see what you’ll be playing in the first few months of 2015!

Dying Light30/01PS4, Xbox One, PC

In Dying Light you’re one of a handful of survivors in a post apocalyptic hellscape which (of course) is also totally full with undead, shambling and bothersome zombies. You’ll have to use all your parkour skills to survive, especially at night when the monsters become even more deadly.

Evolve10/02PS4, Xbox One, PC

Multiplayer shooters are hardly a new invention but Evolve looks truly special. You can play as a group of hunters trying to take out a monstrous enemy which gets stronger as it consumes more fodder. Or you can be the beast and evade and hide until you’re strong enough to turn the tide.

The Order: 188620/02PS4

The first big PlayStation exclusive of 2015 is a third person shooter set in a re-imagined Victorian age where steampunk is king. You’ll play one of a group of fairly modern-day knights who battle the forces of darkness, and sometimes werewolves, with inventive weaponry. Gorgeous graphics too.

Battlefield Hardline19/03PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

The Battlefield series makes a return – fresh from a delay designed to deliver the best gaming experience possible. In a break from tradition, you’ll play as a crusading police detective in a way against crime with the multiplayer basically cops and robbers on a huge and explosive scale.

Project CARS21/03PS4, Xbox One, PC

A refreshingly realistic driving simulator from the team behind Need for Speed: Shift, Project CARS also features an open world sandbox environment and a huge variety of vehicles and events to enter them into. It also has Oculus Rift support for a truly immersive experience.


Another PlayStation 4 exclusive, this time from the team who brought you the massively difficult Dark Souls. Bloodborne changes things up with a more modern setting including a very tasty-looking shotgun but the incredible world and enemy designs remain. This one is going to be unforgiving.

Mortal Kombat X14/04PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

The king of fighters (well one of them) is back, with this the 10th main iteration since Mortal Kombat first graced arcades in 1992. X sees the return of interactive arenas and the addition of variations on playable characters – beefing up certain powers to help you earn those FATALITES!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt19/05PS4, Xbox One, PC

Based on a series of novels from Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt follows the tale of Geralt of Rivia – a monster hunter with a little bit of monster in him. He’ll make a new destiny as he battles the foces of the Wild Hunt and there’s even a playable second category.

Batman: Arkham Knight02/06PS4, Xbox One, PC

The really Dark Knight is back, with more of Gotham to explore than ever before, thanks to a fully driveable Batmobile for the first ever time in the series. Developers Rocksteady are once more at the helm for a story of what happens when Scarecrow tries to unite Batman’s enemies against him.

In Short: It’s 2015, which means there are many new video games on the way. Check out this massive list of titles to enjoy on your consoles

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