Skiing This Spring – Here’s the Tech to Travel With


It’s winter-time, and some of you lucky folks will be heading away on a ski holiday – taking on the slopes by day and enjoying log cabins and roaring fires by night. There’s plenty of important safety gear to consider when going skiing but if you want to really up your game you should consider these top tech tips.

GoPro Action Camera

You might want to have some record of your slope-based brilliance but you’re worried about damaging your regular camera – an action cam is the answer, and GoPro lead the field.

These cameras are small and lightweight but also come with included cases that are super strong and totally waterproof. They also shoot at very wide angles, meaning you won’t have to worry about missing the shot. With HD video, including slow motion, and up to 12 megapixel photos, they’re the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle.

GoPro Chest Mount

And if you do decide to pick up a GoPro, you’ll want to have a way to easily mount it to your body, and the chest mount is a great way to start.

With a harness that’s adjustable to any size, you’ll find camera and case can be easily and securely mounted, leaving your arms free to get on with the task of ensuring you don’t fall over. What’s more, this angle gives you a real feeling of immersion as the scenery flits by and your arms and legs feature in the shots.

GPS Watch

There are many different kinds of fitness and sports trackers out there, some are rugged, others stylish but not every one features built-in GPS functionality.

Not only does it make your activity tracking more accurate but with a GPS watch you’ll always know where you are, in case you wander off the beaten piste. There are a number of models to choose from, including the TomTom multi-sport, with a variety of available modes.

Wireless Speaker

You can’t spend all your time on the slopes and sometimes the best part of the day is getting out of the cold to relax for a little après ski. And for that, you’ll want some tunes.

Wireless speakers are all the rage – pumping up the volume (and the bass) compared to your tinny mobile phone speaker and helping to get the party started. There are many different types available, with some more portable than others. Check out the JAM Wireless Speaker for those who are travelling.

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In Short: If you’re heading for the slopes you’ll want to wrap up warm, wear a helmet and get the most out of the experience with this top tech

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