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Your TV is the centre of your entertainment world, a hub of visual delights beamed in from around the globe using state of the art technology. But there are many ways you can enhance that experience, creating a personal home cinema that’s smart, loud and chock full of viewing choices.

Here are our top tips for beefing up your home entertainment system.


TVs these days feature huge screens and stunning high definition visuals but the audio element has lagged behind. With increasingly slim displays there’s simply nowhere to put a speaker with a little more oomph. That’s where external speakers come in.

With Sonos you not only get extra power but you’re also becoming part of an extended system which can be added to – so get a Play: 1 for some extra sound now, and you can consider adding a Sonos Sub later for extra bass. Plus the speakers connect wirelessly so there’s no clutter and you can control them individually from the handy mobile app.

Media Players

Your TV can be made infinitely smarter, and a whole lot more interesting, with the addition of a little black box. Apple TV is a neat little unit which connects to your screen via HDMI and delivers full HD content in a way that’s simple and accessible.

You can access Apple’s massive iTunes movie store, pop onto YouTube for your favourite clips or even log onto your Flickr account to show off your amazing snaps. Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod owners can also sync their device to wirelessly deliver content to your big screen, perfect for sharing snaps with friends and family.

Wall Mount Bracket

As TV’s get bigger and bigger they also take up a lot of space, no matter how thin the screen is! Get a little living space back with a wall mounting bracket from Sanus.

Not only to you get some extra room back but being able to fix a large screen to a wall space makes for a much more cinematic experience, letting you and the family bask in every glowing pixel. Sanus mounts fit TV’s up to a massive 80 inches and many have the option to tilt the screen for the perfect viewing angle.

Games Consoles

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to show off what your TV can do is with the latest generation of video games consoles.

With full HD graphics and blistering gameplay, you’ll fill the screen (and your new sound system) with action and effects with the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. In addition to blockbuster games titles, both consoles also have access to online video streaming services like Netflix and web apps like Skype so you can call your family abroad from your television.

TV Stand

If you’re not interested in a wall mount for your TV, you can get a new perspective with a TV stand. They’re stylish units which feature plenty of places for your additional consoles, boxes and units as well as additional storage. Plus, at Harvey Norman, you’ll find a range of styles to suit the look of your living-room.


High definition is here, and you can’t get much higher than blu-ray.

With picture quality 6 times sharper than DVD, it’s the ultimate format for showing off your rig. Disks are packed with perfect picture quality and ear-shredding sound as well as hours of extras which delve behind your favourite films. Many blu-ray players, like the Sony BDPS390 let you go online for more extras and will upscale DVDs to look better than ever.

For more ideas on how to get the most out of your home entertainment system, head to Harvey Norman now.

In Short: With these tips from Harvey Norman you can create a total entertainment system around your old TV with great audio and HD extras

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