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With the excitement of Christmas behind us, January can be a bit of a slog. The mornings and evenings are only beginning to brighten up, we have to get back into our regular routine of work or college, and we resolved to get more exercise in.

A little bit of retail therapy could make you feel better and headphones could make these day-to-day activities more enjoyable. Here are some of our picks for the best headphones available for college students, avid gamers, gym bunnies, and many more besides.

Bose QuietComfort Over Ear Headphones | QC15

Who for: Frequent flyers and regular commuters

When you’re travelling, you often want nothing more than to drown out the world around you. With many headphones, you have to turn up the volume and run the risk of ruining your hearing and annoying fellow passengers.

The QuietComfort 15 headphones, on the other hand, use Bose’s noise reduction technology, which reduce the noise around you. When you’ve had enough of your music, but still want to keep the drone of engines and other passengers to a minimum, Bose’s Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology kicks in to allow you to rest easy.

Beats by Dre Solo2 Headphones

Who for: College students

The who’s who of the celebrity world are frequently spotted sporting Beats by Dre headphones. There is a certain gravitas and status attached to the headphones. And that’s why Apple was more than willing to splash the cash to acquire the headphones manufacturer.

Fashion is one string to the Beats bow, but the Solo2 feature improved and updated acoustics to enhance the clarity and quality of sound. That’s essential whether you’re listening to lecture notes or tracks from your favourite artists. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable, but still durable, so they’ll survive your hectic lifestyle.

JVC Sports Clip Earphones with Mic

Who for: Fitness enthusiasts and resolutioners


Whether you’re just getting into the habit of exercising regularly or you’re almost as much a part of the local gym as the treadmill, you need a pair of earphones. Music and other audio can help you reach your goals or, at the very least, keep your mind distracted.

The JVC Sports Clip Earphones are designed with active users in mind. They fit snugly on the ear and are held in place by an adjustable soft rubber ear clip with varying positions to ensure a comfortable fit. They also feature a one-button remote control, so you can easily control your music or take calls.

Turtle Beach Ear-Force Headset | PX22

Who for: Gamers

Anyone who plays video games online knows that they are competitive, regardless of the level you are playing at. Hearing the faintest sound can often mean the difference between surviving and someone getting the drop on you.

The Turtle Beach Ear-Force Headset | PX22 is the official headset of Major League Gaming. If it’s good enough for professional players, you know that Turtle Beach has developed a quality headset. The headset is compatible with the latest and greatest systems including PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, as well as mobile and tablets.

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones | RS 120II

Who for: Those who hate wires and tangled cords

Our earphones get knotted and our headphones get caught on objects around us. No wonder we’re so fond of wireless alternatives. And with approximately 20 hours of life on a full charge, the Sennheiser RS 120II headphones let us enjoy our music without these stresses, safe in the knowledge that we shouldn’t run out of battery.

The RS 120II have a range of up to 100m, if for some reason you need to venture that far away, and produce incredible sound. You don’t need to sacrifice audio quality to take advantage of the convenience of wireless technology.

Philips CitiScape Downtown Headphones

Who for: Office-based employees

Fashion and additional features are less of a concern if you’re using headphones in the workplace. The CitiScape Downtown Headphones from Philips can help block out the sounds of a busy office, while keeping your audio to yourself. They’re a little more distinctive than traditional functional headphones, but not at the expense of your wallet.

The drivers deliver clear and natural sound, and you can switch from music to phone calls at the touch of a button. Plus, the design that utilises light spring-steel with soft foam cushions mean that they will be comfortable throughout the work day.

Monster ‘Inspiration’ Headphones

Who for: Music enthusiasts and professionals

Before Apple bought Beats, Monster had a partnership with Dr. Dre and Interscope Records to design and manufacture the Beats Electronics line of headphones called “Beats by Dr. Dre.” Monster’s own headphones may not be so synonymous with style and celebrity culture, but they look good and pack quality within.

Monster’s Inspiration Headphones offer high-definition sound combined with advanced noise-cancelling technology. Subtle audio details are captured and reproduced, so you may hear elements of your favourite songs that you missed on prior listening. Not forgetting how important style is, Monster offers owners a chance to personalise their headset with interchangeable headbands.

In Short: If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, there are a lot of things to consider. Here we outline some of our top picks depending on your needs.

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