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CES 2015 is coming to a close after days of showcasing the biggest and best from the world of technology. And while we wait for these amazing devices to become available, here’s our rundown of the most innovative, exciting and just downright strange discoveries from this year’s event.


4K TV may have made a big splash at the 2014 event but this year it’s finally going to become affordable for people who would have some qualms about shelling out 20 grand for their television.

Ultra HD tellies were legion at CES this year, and a number of factors mean it might be time to consider a trade up. For one thing, 4K content is on the rise, with more devices (like camcorders and even action cams) shooting in the resolution and 4K blu-rays already starting to hit the market. Upscaling technology has also improved, meaning your 1080p signal will look better than ever.

It’s not going to happen overnight but 4K is definitely here, and it’s set to be more affordable than ever, especially if you avoid those new curved screens. Offerings from LG, Sony and Samsung will be worth watching this year.

Withings Activité Pop

The wearable obsession continues in tech, with more and more companies coming on board. But one area they often fall down on is style – not so the Withings Activité Pop.

Withings has a strong history with fitness tracking devices and they’ve bought that to bear on the Pop, while also managing to craft a sleek and stylish wristwatch which doesn’t look like a bulky piece of space age tech.

There’s a natty analogue clock face and a second dial which is designed to track a specific activity, be it sleep, walking, running and more. The dial will show how close you are to your goals in a way that’s subtle but still keeps you going for just a few more steps as the day comes to a close. Did we mention it looks great as well!?

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones can sometimes be an excuse for tinny bass and flimsy construction but the latest from Sennheiser is set to reverse that trend.

It’s a Bluetooth headset but don’t let that worry you – the Momentum uses aptX audio compression which retains quality even over a Bluetooth connection. So you get great clarity and sound as well as new active noise cancelling thanks to mics embedded in the over-ear cups. All that in a new form factor which folds for easy storage and promises 22 hours of continues listening.

The Dash

Originally financed through a highly successful Kickstarter, The Dash headphones from Bragi seem to be all about cramming as much tech as possible into some dinky earbuds.

So you’ll find touch controls, 4 gigs of on board storage and a plethora of fitness tracking sensors, all in two small devices which amount to tiny supercomputers in your ears. They’re wireless music players too and can even work as a training coach with voice commands as you run.

Samsung Activewash

There’s innovation to be found in every catergory at CES, including washing machines.

The Samsung Activewash is a top of the range washing machine which just so happens to include a sink at the top. That’s perfect for those tricky garments which need a little bit of extra care, like treating tough stains first with a jet of warm water and some detergent.

The sink in the first lid even features rough contours for some proper scrubbing action and just flip open the second lid to access the conventional washer. It’s convenient, easy to use and – as with everything at CES 2015, looks absolutely marvellous.

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