HP Sprout at CES 2015 – Time to Get Creative With This Innovative Dual Screen Workstation


Every year CES in Las Vegas acts as a showcase for the world of technology, bringing huge announcements from major brands, quirky oddities and the odd device which has the potential to unleash your creativity in new and exciting ways.

In that last category, say hello to the HP Sprout!

At its most basic, it’s a super-fast Windows 8.1 powered PC with massive storage and specs to match. But it’s also a true creativity workstation which can genuinely help to give you a new angle on your projects.

This is because of the various components involved – from the 23 inch touch enabled full HD screen to the innovative touchpad which clicks in underneath easily. And the two are married together via a camera/sensor array which includes 4 lenses with a 14.6 MP sensor, a 3D camera and a HD projector.

This unit brings the touchpad to life, allowing you to interact with projected images in a way that’s more like using a tablet. So a full size keyboard can appear, or any kind of contextual controls for gaming or creating. Or you can just pull and stretch and change the item on screen using multi-touch and gestures.

There’s even more going on with the Sprout – you can place an object on the surface in front of the camera array and it will scan it, creating a 3D model in seconds. Then you can use that model immediately in your projects, melding the digital and real world like never before.

The possibilities for creative sorts or in educational environments are endless, and those with a fondness for 3D printers will have a field day with the quick and simple scanning available here. And it’s all possible through dual touch interfaces which will make this technology truly accessible.

The HP Sprout system will be available at Harvey Norman soon.

In Short: There are some amazing pieces of tech at CES 2015, including the pretty much magical marriage of digital and real in the HP Sprout

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