All things weird and wacky from CES 2015


CES tends to be a showcase of the latest and greatest technology, but all things weird and wonderful are also on display. Here are some of our picks of the most unusual gadgets on display at this year’s CES.


With life moving at such a hectic pace, it’s easy to get stressed. That’s why a company called myBrain is releasing Melomind, a wearable that monitors your brainwaves and uses that info to create custom music. This in turn helps you relax and distress. The novel device needs to connect to a smartphone or tablet, as it does not have headphones or speakers itself. Sessions of three to five minutes a few times a week should help you relax, though fifteen minute sessions may produce the best results.

Scout 500 Collar

With everything in the home seemingly connected, companies are turning their attention to our interactions with our pets. Binatone showed off its Scout 500 Collar, which keeps dog owners aware of what their dog is up to. The collar features live video streaming, GPS tracking, and even voice commands so that you can communicate with them from anywhere. You can either feel like a military officer issuing commands virtually, or amuse yourself by startling your pet with commands while you’re out of sight. Something for everyone!

Axxess CE Air2

With more people using their smartphone or MP3 player instead of a traditional speaker system, Bluetooth speakers have seen a rise in popularity. How do you ensure that your speaker stands out from the crowd? Make it levitate, of course. The Axxess CE Air2 will be one of the more novel Bluetooth speakers out there once it’s released, with the compact speaker floating above the stand. You may want to keep an eye on the battery; you don’t want to have your listening session interrupted by the crash of the speaker suddenly feeling the effects of gravity.

Visijax LED jacket

Drivers and cyclists tend not to get along. Mainly because both parties feel that they don’t know what the other one is going to do on the road. The Visijax LED jacket aims to make cyclists’ intentions a little clearer and hopefully keep them safe on the road. It is a lightweight nylon jacket dotted with strategically placed LEDs that flash when the wearer signals a right or left turn by raising an arm. The rear of the jacket features another line of LEDs that constantly flash to alert drivers of the cyclist’s presence.

Digitsole smart insoles

We try to wrap up warm in winter, but we struggle to keep our feet warm. That’s why the Digitsole smart insoles caught our eye at CES. These slot into your everyday shoes and are designed to keep your feet toasty. The insoles use Bluetooth to connect to a companion app, which you can then use to adjust the temperature for each foot. Not only do they warm up your feet, but they can track your walking stats. Comfort has a price tag though. The Digitsole insoles will cost $200 a pair when they go on sale next month. Perhaps we’ll start saving for next winter.

Baby Glgl

As responsible adults, we can ensure that we eat correctly. Babies, on the other hand, are dependent on others to look after how they are eating. The Baby Glgl is a plastic sheath equipped with an inclinometer. This is used to calculate the right angle for a bottle to reduce air bubbles. Red and green lights indicate if the angle is correct. The company says that it aims to reduce symptoms of colic for bottle-fed babies. This could help parents everywhere take a weight off their minds when feeding and ensures that babies are comfortable after a meal.

In Short: With so many exhibitors in attendance at CES, it can be tricky to stand out from everyone else. Not so for these novel gadgets and products.

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