Super Fitness Watch the Fitbit Surge Coming Soon to Harvey Norman


Fitness trackers are all the rage these days and with a few years development some of the best examples are ready to arrive in 2015.

That includes the Fitbit Surge, which will be available at Harvey Norman stores very soon. It’s the latest wearable from Fitbit, the leading name in personal fitness tracking thanks to the success of products like the Flex.

These devices are designed to be worn around the wrist all the time, letting them get an accurate picture of your daily activity and using a variety of sensors to track everything up to and including sleep patterns.

That was already a part of the previous Flex generation, with the Surge Fitbit wants to introduce you to a super-powered super watch!

There’s serious performing power in the Surge, which sports a gorgeous monochrome LCD with touch controls for the first time on a Fitbit device. It’s also their largest screen yet, making it easy to see many different metrics at the same time, and swipe between them at ease.

That large screen comes in handy when you use it as a smartwatch too, display the ID of callers and letting you preview entire text messages – so you can decide in a moment if you need to take that call or keep on going with your workout.

The Surge also tracks a huge range of different activities, from everyday walking to running, cross training and even your own cardio workouts. This range is possible thanks to the inbuilt and always accessible heart-rate monitor on the back of the device, which uses passive LED light to get an accurate reading from the movement of your capillaries!

The heart-rate monitor is just one of 8 sensors on the Surge, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, ambient light sensor and more. It’s the first of the range to include an altimeter for keeping track of the floors you’ve climbed and also includes GPS for more accurate tracking of your run.

There’s a huge amount going on inside the Fitbit Surge, making it perfect for the fitness enthusiast and a great tool for getting into exercise, no matter what level you’re currently at.

The Fitbit Surge will be available at Harvey Norman very soon. Why not check out these other fitness trackers in the meantime.

In Short: The Fitbit Surge is one of the most powerful fitness trackers around, and its also got smartwatch capabilities and a heart monitor

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