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Advances in technology continue to amaze us year after year. And 2015 is unlikely to be any different. While we may not get our hands on the hoverboards, instant cooking food, and other gadgets that Back to the Future promised us, there are plenty of exciting prospects in store.

Wearable technology is a growing industry, but it’s yet to convince people that it’s stylish and fashionable. That could all change in the near future with Apple’s entry into the market. The Apple Watch is already one of this year’s most anticipated consumer products. It looks elegant, but Apple seems to have functionality nailed down too. The Apple Watch features a Digital Crown, which allows for delicate and precise navigation and operation.

CES, which is currently underway, also indicates that wearables are here to stay. Garmin launched a range of fitness compatible smart watches and activity trackers; Sony became the first manufacturer to bring GPS to an Android Wear device; and Lenovo joined the fray with a water-resistant band.

While we may not get flying cars any time soon, car manufacturers are present at CES to show us that self-driving cars could be a reality in the near future. Audi’s A7 Sportback is making the 900km journey from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas with minimum human interaction. Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz showcased its incredibly comfortable F 015 Luxury in Motion, which will whisk you from point A to point B. 2015 might be a little too soon for these particular projects, but we shouldn’t have too long to wait.

The time of the 4K TV, on the other hand, has arrived if the show floor of CES is anything to go by. Sony unveiled the XBR X900C Series 4K Ultra HD TV and the X910C, which are thinner than a smartphone at their smallest point. Meanwhile, Sharp is set to quadruple the number of 4K TVs it produces this year, and LG will launch eight new 4K TVs this year. But already, these manufacturers have one eye on the future. 8K is the next milestone, one that Sharp plans to hit next year.

We’re hoping that virtual reality becomes an actual reality for the masses this year. Oculus Rift has been impressing audiences at tradeshows and in memorable YouTube videos, and a consumer version is expected this year. Not wanting to be left behind, Sony has been hard at work on its Project Morpheus, while Google lets you take a DIY approach to VR with some odds and ends and your smartphone. The implications for games are obvious, but virtual reality could also help teachers, doctors, or aid workers.

The future is bright; that much is for certain. Stay tuned for more announcements and coverage of CES, which will showcase products that will enrich our lives.

In Short: 2015 will be a big year for technology. The Apple Watch will hit the market at last, and we could finally be driven around in style by our cars!

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