Stay in Shape with the Samsung Gear Sport


The Samsung Gear Sport is a standout activity tracker and one of the best tools you can use to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We all know how difficult it can be to stay motivated and maintain daily and weekly exercise routines, especially as we enter the colder winter months.

Thankfully, the Samsung Gear Sport is designed to keep you on top of your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals.

It does this by tracking your diet and fitness levels and providing you with detailed yet easy-to-understand health metrics.

These include:

  • Daily calorie intake
  • Calorie balance
  • Heart rate
  • Steps taken
  • Weight management
  • Nutrient management

The Samsung Gear Sport can be worn while running in the rain and even when swimming as this activity tracker has a water resistance rating of 50 meters.

The Samsung Gear Sport app features more than 60 workouts and can be paired with your TV, allowing you to follow the app’s routines from the comfort of your sitting room.

You can quickly change settings, adjust volume, check battery life and more by simply swiping the tracker’s screen and you can pair the Samsung Gear Sport with your smartphone for call and text notifications.

Additionally, the Samsung Gear Sport can be used for a variety of other tasks such as making purchases via Samsung Pay, listening to your favourite music via Spotify and controlling and opening files on a big screen.

There’s also a multitude of apps you can download for use with the Samsung Gear Sport, ranging from adjusting your home’s heating to checking air quality and just about everything in between.

The Samsung Gear Sport is a forward-thinking activity tracker that will help you achieve your fitness goals while making everyday life simpler and more enjoyable.

For the very best in activity trackers, shop in-store or online.

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