Nest at CES 2015 Add Key Partners to be the Centre of Your Connected Home


Nest was already an amazing product when it launched in 2013, a smart unit which enabled you to turn your heating on from your smartphone that would even learn your habits to save you time and money. Now it’s getting even more impressive with a host of new partnerships announced at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Works with Nest is an initiative between the company and other manufacturers and products to bring new functionality to the hub. New partners include LG, Philips and Unikey, giving you plenty more ways to have your home learn about you.

For example, you can make it so that your home heating via Nest is linked to your home lighting via Philips smart lightbulbs. Or you can have your Nest realise you’ve left by talking to your smartlock and turning off the heating, bringing it back on when return home. LG appliances can chat to Nest as well – potentially letting you turn on the washing machine from your desk if you’ve forgotten.

The internet of things is getting better everyday, and Nest is right there at the centre of the connected home revolution.

You can find out more about Nest here, and pick up your own smart tech at Harvey Norman.

In Short: Nest started out as a smart way to control your home heating but it’s set to become the hub for everything you do

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