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With over 1 billion users globally, it comes as no surprise that Whatsapp is one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world. The company is constantly evolving to cater to it’s growing market with features including group chats, voice call and video calling.


WhatsApp Adds Group Calling Feature

Immensely popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally started rolling its long-awaited group calling feature for all Android and iOS devices as revealed in a blog post on the official WhatsApp website. WhatsApp’s group calling...

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WhatsApp for iPhone Receives New Features

Popular messaging service WhatsApp received some new features for the iPhone version of the app this week as part of the version 2.17.40 update. Most notably, users can pin up to three chats to...


WhatsApp To Add an ‘Unsend’ Feature

Great news for anyone who’s sent an embarrassing or unintended text to the wrong person; WhatsApp is reportedly adding a new ‘unsend’ feature that allows users to recall messages up to five minutes after...


WhatsApp Gets Video Calling

WhatsApp is already one of the world’s most popular ways to keep in touch. With messaging from anywhere, to anyone over Wi-Fi or data, it’s perfect for families and friends who are far apart,...