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Washing machines are getting bigger, better, and smarter. Not only can you set some machines to start washing from anywhere in the world – they know exactly how much water to use, reducing your water bills and saving the environment to boot. Check out what’s new here.


AEG: Washing Machines That Care For Your Clothes

AEG have been creating state of the art home appliances for over 130 years. They’ve always remained “an idea ahead”, with many appliance ‘firsts’ being created by AEG. These include the first electric cooker, fridge...


Explore the Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine

The Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine is an energy efficient washing machine designed to maximise washing loads at minimum energy outputs. To achieve this, the Samsung 9kg AddWash Washing Machine utilises Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology,...


Finding the Right Washing Machine for You

A washing machine is a vital component of any home. Some washing machines are more suited to certain households than others, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different load capacities,...