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A good vacuum cleaner makes life so much easier for any busy household. And the good news is, they’r getting better and better, If you’re thinking about buying a new vacuum for your home, you’ll want to stop by here first.


Miele at Harvey Norman: What’s on Offer?

Constantly discovering the best brands and products in the world is what Harvey Norman is all about. Whether it’s in computers, furniture or cooking appliances, the latest innovations are never far from our site and shop floors. Among the big brand names...


NEW at Harvey Norman: The Dyson V11

Another day, another NEW product at Harvey Norman. We’re delighted to introduce the Dyson V11, the latest innovation in cutting-edge vacuum cleaning from Dyson. Available in two models, the V11 Animal and V11 Absolute, the models have...


Spring Clean with Dyson

When the spring season comes around, most of us dust off our cleaning tools and bring our homes back to their sparkling best. It’s never a task people embrace or enjoy, but it’s necessary all the...


AEG: 3 Best In Class Vacuums

AEG have been settings trends when it comes to home appliances for over 130 years. They’ve always remained “an idea ahead”, with many of your everyday appliances being created by AEG. Included are the first electric cooker, washing...


Powerful Spring Cleaning Products

The annual spring clean is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to give their home a deep clean and lovingly restore it to its former glory. Spring cleaning your home doesn’t have to be an...


How to Prevent Bed Bugs This Summer

Did you know that bed bugs thrive during the summer months? Bed bugs love warm environments and it is during the summer season that most people travel for their holidays, increasing the risk of bringing...