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Photography is one of those hobbies that anyone can participate in – whether you’re in front of the camera or behind it. From photo-taking tips to the latest digital camera news and reviews, our photography section has it all covered.


A Sneak Peek of Life Through the Lens

We’ve recently released our camera catalogue ‘Life Through the Lens’. The catalogue not only takes in the best cameras available in-store and online at Harvey Norman, it also includes dash cams, GoPros, camcorders and much...


Smartphone Printers for All

  The smartphone printer is a relatively new device and a must-have product for smartphone photographers of all styles. Whether you use your smartphone to take pictures of landscapes or selfies, a smartphone printer...


The Best Space Photography of 2018 So Far

It may only be May but we already have a whole bunch of breath-taking space photos from NASA, the International Space Agency, ESA and more! Today’s collection of space photography includes auroras around Earth,...


The Best Space Photography of 2017 So Far

From alien aurorae on Uranus to colliding protostars, we’ve rounded up the most awe-inspiring space photographs of 2017 for you to enjoy! Alien Aurorae on Uranus Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, L. Lamy / Observatoire de...


Four Free Photo Editing Apps for 2017

Looking for some great free photo editing apps for 2017? Well look no further as we’ve complied a handy list of the very best free photo apps you can download right now! Snapseed (Android,...