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KitchenAid are one of the leading small appliance makers in the world, known for their bright colours, artisan style and of expert quality. Whether it’s a food processor, coffee machine or toaster, KitchenAid adds variety and sophistication to your kitchen counter. Check out the latest here.


Rachel Allen Cooking Event Recap

Rachel Allen recently stopped by our Flagship Store Tallaght for a cooking event in partnership with Evoke.ie and KitchenAid. In front of almost 100 lucky attendees, Rachel cooked up a delicious 3-course Easter meal...


Celebrate National Sandwich Day

As if we needed an excuse to gorge on our favourite sambo but we’ll take any opportunity we can get. Whether you’re a dedicated baguette lover or a soda bread devotee, we invite you...


Healthy Baking With Mixers

When most people think of baking, it’s sweet treats that you know you shouldn’t overindulge in that come to mind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can certainly enjoy baked goods,...