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Meet the new Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Make the most of your creative bursts with the Microsoft Surface Studio 2. With a host of incredible new features, it’s a desktop that allows you to bring your visions and ideas to life in...


Improve Your Sleep Hygiene Today!

Many of us underestimate the power of a great night’s sleep. We also think that our regular sleeping patterns work just fine, but the truth is that we don’t achieve the highest quality sleep we...


Never miss a beat with these Record Players

Record players and vinyl records have come full circle (no pun intended), with more and more people rediscovering their value in both sound and aesthetic. A record player is a more involving experience than...


Furniture for a February Makeover

While January is a great time for making plans, changing bad habits and getting back into a routine, February is the perfect time for an interior makeover. No one knows this more than Harvey...