When Jodie met Harvey: Celebrating 15 years with Harvey Norman


Harvey Norman Ireland turned 15 on October 5th and to celebrate we’ve been throwing a massive Birthday Sale in-store and online! It’s been an incredible journey that has seen us expand to 15 stores throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have a number of staff members who have remained with us through all the ups and downs and we’re eager to hear the many reasons why they’ve stayed with us for so long. Let’s meet one and discover what makes Harvey Norman a great place to work.


Jodie Poulson is someone who has played a special role in our Irish story. She’s a Store Manager in the Electrical Department of our Little Island Store in Cork, having first arrived in Ireland in 2003. It wasn’t Jodie’s first role with Harvey Norman however as she tells us; “My first job in Harvey Norman was in Australia in the Joondalup store in western Australia as a Cashier for the Computer Department…within 5 years I was living in another country and I was managing my first store.” She say’s that what she loves the most about Harvey Norman is the “work hard, play hard culture.” She’s right too, as there’s always a reason for us to celebrate the success of our efforts.

Reflecting on the beginning of her journey back in 2003, she says “things were a lot different; there were about 30 people employed and in electrical we only had 7 people at the start.” She says that in the beginning they “did everything, from meeting with suppliers, choosing the stock, advertising, merchandising the stores, and putting the stock on the shelves.” Busy times no doubt! As well as working in 5 stores in Ireland, she’s now running the Electrical Department in Little Island and is planning on staying with us for years to come!

What fantastic story Jodie has! She’s not the only one however, so stay tuned to hear 4 more success stories that are as equally inspiring as the next.

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