How to Keep Your Home Warm and Cosy this Autumn and Winter


Irish autumns and winters tend to be quite cold, with temperatures averaging at around 11°C in October before plunging to around 2°C in December. That may not seem very cold when compared to other regions of the world, but strong winds coming in from the Atlantic Ocean keep things cool throughout both seasons.

It’s during this time of year when we usually see a noticeable increase in our heating and electricity bills, understandably due to the colder and darker weather, but there are a number of handy tricks and tips you can employ to keep your home warm and cosy without racking up a massive energy bill.

The easiest way to keep cosy when at home this autumn and winter is by layering up; add thick throws to your sofa and the other seating furniture in your living room, and remember to put on a sweater or hoody before turning on the heating when you’re feeling chilly.

Similarly, a nice and chunky rug should be laid on wooden, tiled and vinyl floors, as this provides your feet with an extra source of warmth and counters the coldness of these flooring materials (don’t forget to wear socks!).

Multiple light sources help to combat the gloom of autumn and winter and keep you feeling positive, so purchase some new candles, lamps and other lighting options and brighten up your living spaces during these darker months.

Hearty meals are a great source of energy and heat and one of the best ways to stay warm. You can use a blender to make homemade soup, a fryer for large meals, and a steamer for all your vegetable needs, and you may also consider investing in a coffee machine if you need help waking up on those particularly cold mornings.

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