Conquer Clutter in Your Home With Sensible Storage


It happens to all of us – your best intentions for a tidy house go out the window as more and more clutter mounts up in every available space. But there’s help on hand – even if you feel like you don’t have any more room a few handy tips can help you maximise your storage space and get back on top of the clutter!

Box it UpPapers, toys and odds and ends can easily stretch as far as the eye can see but it doesn’t take much to get them in order. A few storage boxes can gather everything up in no time and it should be easy to find a place for them.

You’ll then not only have a tidier home but you can also label your boxes, meaning you’ll never have to go rooting for the Christmas decorations again. Put them up high or under the bed to get the most out of the space you have.

Get ShelvingShelves not only make a very efficient use of space, they’re also a great way to show off your belongings. In the living room you can transition your piles of books, music, movies and more to shelving for a much more attractive look, and also a statement which says a lot about the things you like.

You’ll find shelving to fit every space and budget at Harvey Norman, and they’ll help you to maximise the look and feel of your home.

Use Alternative SpacesMost people have an attic, and many have access to a shed and/or garage. In many homes, these areas are all but wasted – either by being underutilised or becoming the dumping ground for everything you don’t want in the main house.

But being able to move your belongings totally into storage is a great advantage, especially when its done in a systematic manner. Don’t forget to label boxes and put a little thought into where you want to leave things in somewhere like the attic that might not be so accessible.

For the garage, make use of the wall space to mount shelving or even attach tools to the wall. Get a bike rack to raise the level of your cycle, giving you more much needed floor space.

Measure and Measure AgainMany of us have houses which are a little… unusual inside, with odd little nooks and crannies which can be difficult to adequately fill. If you’re looking to get more use from a space like this, remember to measure it first and do it again just for safety.

When it comes time to look for some storage for that space, you’ll find all the dimensions you need for every item right on the Harvey Norman site. So you can find out if it fits first before you even leave the comfort of your own home! Better yet, you can call in to see a huge range of items in person, so find out if it will fight in.

These are just a few suggestions to help you maximise your storage at home – head to the Harvey Norman website for a range of storage solutions, or visit your local store for more help and advice.

In Short: With these tips from Harvey Norman you can make the most of your room at home and beat clutter with proper storage

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