5 Reasons You Should Print Your Photos


Did you know that over 93 million selfies are taken every day? Surprised? Me neither. It’s never been easier and faster to take a picture (edit, filter, crop) and upload it to the world through social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. In an era of fast technology and instant news, the above statistic isn’t all that shocking, particularly considering the high-spec cameras featuring on the latest smart phone releases. Whether you perfect your pout or stay traditional by saying cheese, we’ve become pros at the art of capturing our “good side”.

So why limit your memories to a perfectly timed social post, only to be forgotten by tomorrow’s flat-lay or Boomerang? While curating a social profile may take priority today, formulating memories is something that should be cherished forever. Printing photos remains as important as ever and serves more purpose than you may think.

Here are just a few reasons why printing your snaps is a good idea:

  1. Tell a story with your decor 

Printing photos and displaying them in our homes is a great way of adding character to our living spaces. Bring an empty wall to life with wall art, a photo frame cluster or Polaroid pegs for a personalised boost to your space.



  1. Conversation starters

One of the best things about printing photos is reminiscing with friends and family while flicking through albums or sorting through collections of old photos. Whether you’re taking a trip down memory lane or just discovering your Dad’s mullet from the 60’s, there’s no denying this can induce a nostalgic experience. Remembering the past can encourage interaction and inspire a connection with guests, friends and family, not to mention a superb way of connecting generations of relatives. Wedding albums and travel diaries can whittle away hours of oohs, ahhs and endless compliments… combined with tea or a bottle of prosecco, sounds like a perfect way to catch up with nearest and dearest.

  1. Show off!

You’re so vain…but so are we so who cares! If toaster means more to you than a bread-crisping appliance and Hefe recounts clearer memories than its German beer namesake, then we know you’re a filter-fanatic. Instagram may have started a filter revolution (by making millions from our insecurities) but what good is just another post on a feed of “about last night” snaps. There are tonnes of free image-editing software out there to enhance perfectly timed moments that were ruined by a shaky hand or unflattering lighting. Save time by enhancing your photographs at a Harvey Norman photo centre where you can easily boost your images before ordering prints in a few easy steps. Showcase your pièce de résistance to be forever appreciated in a mini album or a shrine to your photography masterpiece.


  1. Exercise your creative outlet 

With endless ways to transform your photos into physical memories, you might as well get creative. From mouse mats and phone covers to collages and Fotoblokks, breathe life into your decor with a personalised accessory of your milestones, selfies, and coffee art. When it comes to a colleague’s birthday or simply any excuse to embarrass a loved one, t-shirts are a great way to do so. Or get their handsome mugs printed on a mug to appreciate with every sip of their morning brew. They’ll love you even more for it, we swear.

  1. Never fall victim to a technical difficulty 

One problem of solely saving photos online is fear of a technological glitch, crash or virus resulting in the loss of all our beloved reunions, birthdays and Christmas party photos (the latter being the best case scenario). Get your photographs printed and if your computer gets bitten by a nasty bug then you’ll always have the physical version to treasure infinitely.


Each Harvey Norman store is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and trained staff to assist with all your printing needs. Our Photo Centre produces professional quality prints, canvas and gifts at an affordable price. You can also order online and have them delivered right to your home. We highly recommend popping into our Tallaght flagship to check out our Wonder Photo Shop for an exceptional printing experience.

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