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The office Secret Santa gift can be a tricky affair. There are usually people that you don’t know that well, and certain gifts may not go down a treat. Here, we’ve gathered a few affordable and safe gifts, just in case you need a little help picking up a Secret Santa gift this Christmas.

iTunes Voucher

Most people like music of some kind, but actually buying it for them is a much riskier proposition. What if they’re more of an app user? Or prefer to purchase videos on iTunes?And, let’s face it, most people’s collections are digital these days. An iTunes Voucher lets them pick out their own music, apps, games, and videos that they’d like to buy, which they can then download and sync to their device instantly. Take the hassle and stress out of buying a Secret Santa gift this year.

X-MiniCapsule Speaker

On the subject of music, the X-Mini Capsule Speaker lets anyone take their music with them. The speakers produce surprisingly good sound for their compact size. They are portable and come in a variety of colours. Just hook up your music player to the Capsule Speaker through the 3.5mm connector and you’re ready to go. Pump out the tunes for your own enjoyment or entertain those around you with a perfectly crafted playlist or album.

Ridley’s Tumbling Blocks

Who doesn’t love a game of tumbling blocks? And while Wild & Wolf may not use the name that we’re more accustomed to, there’s no reason that you can’t yell out a catchy phrase when everything comes tumbling down. It’s a lot of fun to play with co-workers, family members, or friends. It comes packaged in a fantastic looking retro box, which stores everything neatly after use. Steady hands not included!

‘Tree Design’ Oil Burner

Relax with some aromatherapy oils. This beautiful porcelain oil burner features a tree design cut out pattern, which adds a glow to your décor and casts interesting shadows across your room. Select your favourite fragrance, add it to the burner, light a candle, and pop it into the cut out. Then sit back and unwind as the scent fills your home.

Professor Puzzle Puzzleman

Sometimes, we need a little mental stimulation to focus our mind and prepare us for the tasks at hand. The Puzzleman starts as a cube, which you can meld into a fully-formed Puzzleman. Then you can turn him back into a cube again. Add a little touch of flair to your desk with your own puzzle themed robot who can take on the face of a hero or villain, depending on your mood. If a Puzzleman isn’t the right option, Harvey Norman has a variety of puzzles available in-store.

In Short: It’s the most wonderful time of year. Unless you are the Secret Santa for your boss or a tricky co-worker that is. Here are a few Secret Santa gift ideas.

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