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Christmas is a time for giving presents, a time for receiving presents and a time for eating far too much turkey. But what happens if you’re happy with the primary gifts you’ve bought and want to add a little extra something to the mix, something a little bit… unusual?

Harvey Norman has a huge range of products in store and online and with these unusual gift ideas you can be sure that you’ll make a little extra impact this Christmas!

DropThis incredibly sleek looking device is actually a kitchen weighing scales, but it’s also far more than that. Drop was concocted by Irish folks and is all about helping you perfect your form in the kitchen. It does this by synching with an iPad app and guiding you through each step of a recipe, complete with advice on changing ingredients on the fly, cooking times and whole lot more. This is going to be one of the biggest devices of the year!

Lava LampDid you know – Lava Lamps contain no actual lava!? Invented in 1963, these items are formed of wax, a fluid and a bulb. The bulb heats the wax, which causes it to float in the fluid – but all you really care about is that it looks really cool and relaxingly wibbly while doing so.

NestYour smartphone can do all manner of incredible things these days but did you know it can also control the temperature of your home? Nest connects to your home’s central heating and your Wi-Fi and allows you to turn the heating on both from the unit itself and remotely. You can make sure its cranked up when you’re coming home on a freezing cold bus and Nest will even start to learn your routine, making sure on its own to knock on the heat before you get up in the morning!

Snug Man Cave ChairIf you’re going to have a place to escape to, you want to be able to do so in comfort. With the Snug Man Cave Chair, you’ll be surrounded in pillowy cosiness while you check out the latest movie or game on the biggest screen you could find.

Parrot Rolling Spider MinidroneGet on board the drone craze with this easy to control flying machine! It’s neat and light and can be controlled by your smartphone or even your tablet. The large wheels help to keep it safe from damage and suitable for rolling around on the ground and this drone even comes with a built-in camera to capture stunning aerial views.

Astronaut Duvet SetWhat child hasn’t thought about becoming an astronaut? You can give this dream to you little ones with this fabulous duvet set which put their face right in the middle of the action.

GoPro HeroGoPro are the world leaders in small, action-ready cameras which are capable of producing incredible images and high def video. And now, if you’ve always been curious about the brand but worried about their price and complexity, the GoPro Hero has arrived. It’s the most affordable model yet with easy to use controls and the same incredible specs – a perfect entry point into the world of action photography.

To shop for more unusual gifts, check out the full range at Harvey Norman.

In Short: If you’ve got the stocking filled and the Christmas tree is awash with presents but you feel something is still missing, check out these Xmas oddities!

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