How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is fast approaching on the 25th of November, which means its time to get planning if you’re going to make the most of the biggest shopping day of the year.

It’s the ideal way to get the jump on those Christmas gifts, and save yourself some serious money into the bargain, so get ready with our top tips for getting the best deals.

Plan Ahead
Take some time and consider the products you’re interested in and how easy they are to get to. Consider how the place will be much more difficult to access with a crowd and plan accordingly.

Do some Sleuthing
Secondary to planning, see if you can find out about some of the deals ahead of time. Keep an eye out on social media and Harvey Norman we also has a handy newsletter you can subscribe to – so you’ll never miss a deal.

Choose Wisely
Black Friday sales can get crowded, and people might even be willing to queue to get in first. Some of the best sale prices are on items that are limited in number so if you’re dead set on nabbing one for yourself, be sure to get down early.

Make a List
It’s easy to get caught up in the atmosphere of a massive sale. It’s close to Christmas, there’s the sound of cash registers ringing all around you. So make sure you put together a list of exactly what you want and stick to it as much as possible. Impulse buys aren’t always the worst thing, but those costs can add up. Pick a budget and stick to it too.

Check the Fine Print
It’s always good to know your rights but if you’re in some kind of shopping frenzy it’s even more important to be clear on the terms and conditions. Can you return these items if they don’t suit, and bear in mind you might not be gifting them until Christmas time. And get a gift receipt!

Bring a Mule – or Friend!
There’s a good chance you’re going to be weighed down by purchases pretty quickly, so it’s always a good idea to rope in a pack mule – or a friend or loved one! They can help share the load and maybe even ward you off when your resolve lowers and those pretty things start looking really pretty again.

Take a Break
Nabbing a glorious deal can be an amazing feeling but you also want to be able to enjoy your shopping a bit. Take a breather and grab a snack before going forth to shop once again.

Ask the Staff
Don’t be afraid to get some help if you need it- whether it’s getting an item down from a high shelf or explaining some terms and conditions.

Online can be the Answer
You don’t have to brave the stores on Black Friday. You can also use our Click & Collect service to shop your heart out online and arrange to pick it up from your local store after the madness has ended. Find out more here. 

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping one and all!

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