Top 5 Fixtures Needed For a Soothing Home


It may not seem as important a job as fixing the plumbing or installing ventilation, however it is crucial that all our homes be places we can relax and recharge. In order to put a good day in at work (or at school, for our kids) creating a home which is soothing and calming is essential. The following five features should assist in producing that restful aesthetic.

5. Farmhouse Table

This is one of those pieces that fit in whatever the House’s overall design motif. A nice big farmhouse table is inviting, communal, but also won’t draw the eye too much like a garish design. It’s a subtle comfort in any kitchen/dining room.

4. Wooden Chest of Drawers

The utility value alone of the simple chest of drawers speaks volumes about its place in any household. However the sleek carving and polished wood universally evoke fond memories of childhood. As does the satisfying ‘clunk’ when you close them.

3. Footstool

The footstool isn’t the living room staple it once was. This is a real shame as it’s a versatile fixture. Doubling up as a makeshift seat when you have a gaggle of friends over, its true usage cannot be oversold. They didn’t pick the idiom ‘Putting your feet up’ out of thin air, you know!

2. Candles

Less a fixture, more a household accessories. Regardless, the impact of lighting a few candles in a dark living-room cannot be overstated. Their flickering nature not provides a cosy,atmospheric light source but they can often scent your living space with a more pleasant aroma.

1. Sideboard

The definitive soothing fixture, nothing screams ‘warm family home’ like a sideboardpiled with dinner plates, photo stands and assorted bits and bobs with no other home to go to. It adds immediate personality to the kitchen space and fits in even when painted a contrasting colour to the overall aesthetic.

In Short: Our suggestion of five homely fixtures to turn your abode into a soothing, calming family home for all to relax and enjoy

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