5 Beautiful Things Under €50 You Need for your Home


It’s a common problem- you want to bring a little new energy or a dash of beauty to your home but the realities of life mean you’re on a serious budget.

Rather than dreaming about things you can’t afford, we’ve got a list of five utterly gorgeous items you can bring home for less than 50 quid. And there’s plenty more where they come from.

Become one with the colours of the Autumn/Winter season with this stylish vase which can be either subtle or a centrepiece, depending on your lighting. Just look at that gorgeous texture.

Marble never goes out of style and the monochromatic look of this holder is easily offset by filling it with your warmest glowing candle. Add a scent for some simmering ambience as the winter months approach.
Bring in a touch of class with these monochrome masterpieces fronted with glass and mixing the style of pop art with really old school technology. With the right lighting it might even look like an artist’s studio space!

Relaxing after a long day gets taken to a whole new level when you can light some candles and truly chill out. The glass adds different colour glows, which are much more relaxing that the flickering wash of a TV screen.

Your sofa might already be pretty comfortable but no couch ever suffered by having a few extra cushions. Whether it’s for keeping your back at just the right angle or peeking behind during a scary movie, this leather cushion is an affordable and stylish choice.
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