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The oven is an integral part of any kitchen, and it’s an appliance that you’ll want to be happy with. After all, you’ll likely be using it for countless meals in the coming years. So what do you need to be aware of when trying to find the oven that’s right for you?

One of the determining factors when choosing a type of oven is how much space you have in your kitchen for one. Those with smaller kitchens should perhaps opt for a freestanding oven. These are available in a variety of sizes, including slimline models. The other option is to go for a built-in oven and this gives you some freedom. It can be mounted into a wall recess or under a kitchen bench, and this means that it can suit a variety of kitchen layouts and styles.


Free-standing ovens:

  • Frequently a good choice for smaller kitchens
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • An all-in-one unit with the cooktop on the top of the oven


Built-in ovens:

  • Can be mounted into a wall recess or under the kitchen bench
  • The flexibility of installation means it can suit a variety of kitchen styles and layouts



Single Ovens vs Double Ovens:

One of the other choices you’ll have to make when it comes to your oven is whether you want to go for a single oven or a double. Of course, you could also go for a single oven with a compact combination.


Single oven:

  • Takes up less space than a double oven – most common oven width is 60cm
  • Initial outlay is less than a double oven
  • Plenty of availability and variety in models, particularly if you opt for an electric model


Double oven:

  • Basically two distinct ovens with their own functions
  • Better suited for those with large families or who enjoy entertaining
  • Allows you to bake and grill at the same time or cook at two different temperatures


Single oven plus compact combination:

  • Offers plenty of versatility
  • Still more compact than a double oven
  • Offers an additional cooking option alongside your main oven


It might seem like you’re giving up precious cooking space by opting for a single oven with a compact combination, but you’re getting the same versatility and ability to prepare multiple dishes at once,  yet it doesn’t take up as much space.

NEFF has a range of compact appliances that help you extend your range of cooking options. The Neff Compact Combination Oven with Microwave takes up far less space than a double oven would, yet it provides you with more ways to cook food quickly and conveniently than a single oven alone. It packs six heating methods and the ShiftControl interface allows for fast navigation through menus and simple operation.



There are other factors to take into consideration. For example, the task of cleaning an oven is certainly one to keep in mind when making a purchase. Be sure to read over our guide to Easy Clean and Self-Cleaning ovens.

An oven is a purchase that you will want to get right, so call in store and get the advice of Harvey Norman’s expert staff. You can shop the range online.

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