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Washing machine load capacity varies greatly, but there’s some uncertainty as to what it actually means. The knock on effect of this lack of understanding is that you may not be aware of how long it’ll take you to do all the washing or how many loads you’ll be doing in a typical week.

It may be tempting to fill a washing machine to bursting point, but that’s not a good idea. Simply put, it won’t work effectively. Some recommend that you leave about a hand’s width free in the drum. This is something to keep in mind when looking at what the load capacity of a washing machine you’re going to purchase should be.

When you see a washing machine referred to as a 6kg machine or a 10kg machine, that refers to the weight of the laundry load that it can efficiently handle without using up too much water or power. It’s worth noting that this refers to the weight of dry clothes that you’re loading up. Naturally, the laundry load gets heavier when it gets wet, but your machine will be able to handle it effortlessly.

Of course, we tend not to weigh laundry. Sure, we notice it when we have to carry it around the house or out to dry, but we don’t think of it in terms of weight for the most part. So, what does weight mean in more practical and day-to-day terms? A variety of internet sources have come to the consensus that 1kg of laundry is five shirts OR a shirt and a pair of denim jeans OR two bath towels.

Unclutterer tried to do the math to guesstimate how many loads a family of four would generate. It estimated that an adult might produce around 7kg of washing in a week, while teenagers produce a touch less at around 6.5kg. If you have a 6kg machine, you’re looking at four to five loads of laundry for clothing alone. You can reduce this to just three loads if you have a 10kg machine, but you’ll want to double-check the dimensions of the machine and your laundry room before you opt for the larger size.

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